三磷酸腺苷 Finals Flashback: 罗杰 Federer thumps Lleyton Hewitt to defend the crown

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三磷酸腺苷 Finals Flashback: 罗杰 Federer thumps Lleyton Hewitt to defend the crown

罗杰 Federer proved his immense talent and quality in 2003, winning his first Major crown at Wimbledon and making a massive step towards the no. 1 spot. 罗杰 claimed his first Masters Cup in Houston to 恩 d the season on a high note before returning even stronger in 2004, clinching 74 out of 80 matches and lifting three Major crowns to become world no.

本赛季初在墨尔本之后排名第一。在雅典奥运会上托马斯·伯蒂奇(Tomas Berdych)出人意料地输掉比赛之后,费德勒在赛季结束前只参加了三场比赛,征服了美国公开赛,曼谷和大师杯,以11座奖杯结束了这一年。

大师杯第二次也是最后一次回到休斯敦,这全都是关于这位瑞士球星的事情,就像12个月前他在决赛中击败安德烈·阿加西(Andre Agassi)一样。费德勒在循环赛阶段与卡洛斯·莫亚(Carlos Moya)的五次交锋中仅丢掉一盘,进入半决赛,在半决赛中稳固击败马拉特·沙芬(Marat Safin),第二盘并列抢七获得38分!

Despite losing to 罗杰 in the group stage, Lleyton Hewitt advanced into the title match where the Swiss proved to be too strong, toppling the Aussie 6-3, 6-2 in 67 minutes. The rain plagued the event, and the final had to be reduced to the best-of-three format for the first time since 1979 to finish as quickly as possible.

These two were among the best players of their generation, and it was already the 15th meeting, with 罗杰 taking an 8-7 lead in the rivalry. Before 2004, Lleyton had the upper hand in the 恩 counters against the Swiss, taking seven out of the first nine before 罗杰 turned the tide that season, grabbing six wins against Hewitt and losing just two more matches against the Adelaide native before Lleyton retired!

A few months earlier, Federer took down Hewitt 6-0, 7-6, 6-0 in the US Open final, in what had been one of the most one-sided finals in New York in the Open era. This Houston match turned into a similar affair, as 罗杰 dominated from start to finish to defend the title.

他在九场发球局中输掉11分,从不面临过分下降或突破的情况,创造了进攻进攻的自由,并保持了莱顿的压力,莱顿't 恩 dure it. The Aussie served at 51%, and that could only mean trouble for him, dropping almost half of the points behind the initial shot and offering 罗杰 eight break chances.

In 2004, 罗杰 Federer defended the Masters Cup title over Lleyton Hewitt.


罗杰'莱顿的进攻实在是太难受了,莱顿没能强行出手,给对手施加了压力'的反手,费德勒只犯了12个错误'机翼较弱。那不可能't make the difference, as 罗杰 stayed in most rallies when Hewitt tried to target his backhand, sending them across the net with depth and precision that allowed him to prolong the points and earn the opportunity to strike with his forehand.

Lleyton was unable to move 罗杰 around the court with his persistent groundstrokes, as the Swiss was on almost every ball and had a low number of forced errors. Untroubled on serve, Federer had the opportunity to play with more risk in the rallies, outplaying Lleyton in the winners department, which pretty much earned the victory for him since they had a similar number of mistakes.

世界编号1名获得服务优胜者的优势为17-11,而更重要的是获得19-7的优势 '直截了当,与对手的胜出率是对手的两倍。他的正手非常出色,并且在网下很舒服,使他的成绩增加了七个排球冠军。

Lleyton could hit only seven winners from the court in the 恩 tire clash, a nice indicator of how inferior he was in the exchanges and how well was 罗杰'法院的覆盖范围。费德勒有16个非强制性错误,反手有10个错误,但这并没有'只要他有这么多获胜者,他就不会打扰他。

最初的打法对费德勒产生了重大影响's favor, as he had a 45-21 lead in the points up to four strokes. He could fire up the point right on, while Hewitt needed some time to settle into the rally and try to impose his shots, something 罗杰 just wasn'愿意让他做。

The mid-range points from five to eight strokes also finished noticeably on 罗杰'S方面,在30场比赛中获得21场。休伊特赢得了16场最长的交流中的10场,远远不足以帮助他取得更体面的成绩。有趣的是,休伊特和费德勒是2000年代初大师杯的主要人物。

Lleyton lifted the trophy in 2001 and 2002, and 罗杰 took charge in the following two years. Federer broke in the second game of the match and carried that advantage home after losing only five points in five service games, wrapping up the set at 5-3 with a forehand winner.